The Shame Cycle

When I reveal to a new person the dirty little secret of my diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, I expect one of two responses. The first is an awkward silence, as though they’re trying to decipher why exactly I thought this information was necessary to share. The second: “You don’t seem autistic at all!” Both […]

Bullet Journalling and Autism

I have been bullet journaling for just over two years now – longer than I’ve been diagnosed with ASD. Having spotted the trend online, I thought it would be perfect for me, a girl who could barely motivate herself to do anything (which I later found out to be called ‘executive dysfunction’ and no fault […]


Do we seem to be children in your eyes?   Consider us less adequate, or ill,   Coerce us into your foreign disguise;  We have no choice but to bend to your will.     You go about this life capriciously,   Behaviour out of grasp for likes of I   Without instruction, we are lost at sea   Your meaning lost within the wind and sky.     […]